Hepatitis C: Through My Own Eyes

Sharing your story and the effect of Hep C on you and your family and friends is powerful in helping yourself and others cope and learn about the disease.  Please click on a story below to read others experiences and if you would like to submit a story of your own just follow the directions below.

William's Story


Please share your story about living with hepatitis C. Share only what you are comfortable sharing. If you would be willing to share your story with others, such as being interviewed by the media, please include your phone number and last name. Your full name and phone number will not be shared without your written permission and WILL NOT BE INCLUDED ON THE WEBSITE.

Please send your story to sthomas@hepc-connection.org


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How long have you known that you have the virus?

What was it like for you when you found out?

Describe the process you went through in getting medical care, whether to seek treatment, and the results.

What aspect of your life has Hepatitis C impacted the most (relationships, family, employment, emotions, etc.), and how has it affected you.

What works for you in living successfully with hepatitis C?