Programs, Services and Resources

Hep C Connection offers a variety of programs and services to meet the diverse needs of those living with hepatitis C and their families and friends, healthcare providers, public health agencies, and those at greatest risk of contracting the infection. Programs are divided into two main headings: Prevention & Education and the Support Network. These two programs provide an entire continuum of care as individuals who become educated about hepatitis C risks through our Awareness and Prevention activities go on to seek testing. Once diagnosed, they contact the Help Line for information, receive educational materials, are referred to support groups, attend other community events, etc.


HCV Awareness and Prevention focuses on educating the general public, those at highest risk for infection, healthcare providers, case managers, and counselors about hepatitis C transmission, benefits of early detection, healthy lifestyle changes, community resources, etc. Workshops, presentations, community dinners, health fairs, outreach and special events, are held frequently throughout the year, in a variety of locations in Colorado. Public awareness campaigns feature bus and newspaper ads, billboards, public service announcements, and media releases.

HIV/HCV Co-Infection Program recognizes that approximately 30% of the HIV+ population is co-infected with HCV because of similar modes of virus transmission.  Because co-infection represents a very serious challenge to this population, special services are provided to these individuals, including a co-infection support group.

Anti-Body Testing is offered at the Hep C Connection office and at various community sites and events during the year. We also provide referrals to testing sites throughout Colorado.



Hepatitis Help Line is a confidential telephone counseling program to answer questions, offer support, and link callers with resources. Our trained and compassionate counselors are up to date on the latest information,  address the caller's priorities, and  promote risk reduction and further medical evaluation and treatment options. A data tracking system collects information on demographics, risk factors, reason for the call, etc.

Support Groups offer members a place to share their concerns about living with hepatitis C. In Colorado, our licensed mental health facilitators lead monthly groups in several locations. Our on-line national support group database helps us to direct people to support groups in their state.

Connections Newsletter is a monthly electronic newsletter and contains updates on research, treatment options, nutrition, national resources, and other helpful information. The newsletter is offered at no charge and to sign up for this service send your email address to

Our website, contains an on-line version of our current and past newsletters, links to other helpful web sites, the support group database, educational materials, the Colorado Resource Directory, and much more.

Educational Materials in English and Spanish, such as the Colorado Resource Directory, fact sheets, pamphlets, and videos on diverse topics are available.