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Hep-C Connection

Hep C Connection- Educating the general public about Hepatitis C and providing resources and support for those affected by the virus.

HELP the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in its effort to raise awareness and increase testing for Hepatitis: “More than 4 million Americans are living with viral hepatitis in the United States, but most do not know they are infected.


Hep C Connection offers FREE hepatitis C antibody screening to anyone who:

  1. Was born between 1945 and 1965.
  2. Has ever injected drugs – even once!  Ever!
  3. Received blood or blood products before 1992.
  4. Has or had a hepatitis C positive sexual partner.

Call 1-800-522-HEPC to schedule your testing appointment at our office:
1325 S. Colorado Boulevard, Suite B-302
Denver, CO 80222

Born from 1945 - 1965? CDC recommends you get tested for Hepatitis C. Get tested. Learn more: services include…

Community education, awareness, and advocacy

Risk reduction counseling

Help with patient needs. Learn more about our client services here.

Free rapid testing with results in 20 minutes. Learn more about testing here.

From our Q&A session:

Roman asks: “Can You Get Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) from Sex Toys?”

Sex toys are becoming more popular due to the ease of ordering online from the comfort of one’s home. No longer do people have to deal with the stigma associated from visiting an adult novelty store. Many of our patients prefer to use sex toys for various reasons because they are convenient, easy to purchase, available in varied forms, and safe to use. But how safe are they? Have you done your research to find whether you will get STD’s by using sex toys? If not, please read further.

What are the important STIs that can be transmitted via adult toys?

Sex toys can easily come in contact with your cuts or sores. This can further affect your health by bringing in blood-related infections. Penetrative sex toys used while having cuts or bruises around the genital areas can cause diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and C.

Chlamydia is one of the most commonly transmitted infections. You can get chlamydia by using sex toys that are unclean and shared by others. It is experienced by unusual pain in the testicles for men and unusual bleeding after sex accompanied by pain in the stomach for women. Abnormal discharges are seen coming from the vagina or penis too.

Syphilis is slightly more dangerous and can cause changes in different parts of our body. People affected with Syphilis develop rashes on palms and foot, abnormal skin growths around the anus, and in vulva for women and painless sores on vagina or penis. It can be transmitted by sharing sex toys with those that are affected by it.

Genital Herpes is another infection spread due to sharing sex toys with people who are suffering from Herpes. You get tiny blisters around the genitals and sometimes burst to leave open red sores. It can be slightly itchy and pain during urination. Women additionally will have unusual vaginal discharge.

What are the best ways to prevent us from such STIs?

  • As discussed and relevant from the above mentioned STIs, it is evident that you should never share sex toys with others unless you know they have no STDs. It may be true that these diseases pass on from infected individuals only, but don’t rely upon lack of symptoms alone as proof of being clean. Some of the symptoms of STDs don’t appear for months, others are unknown, and many may not know whether they have sexually transmitted diseases. Err on the side of caution here.
  • Clean your sex toys regularly. Every product comes with safety instructions, along with maintenance tips. Follow the instructions and wash them thoroughly, preferably with warm water and antimicrobial soap. Also, please keep in mind that you should clean them between using it with the different parts of your body like the anus, vagina, or mouth.
  • Consider covering penetrative sex toys like dildos and vibrators with a new condom after every use if you are sharing.
  • If you feel you are allergic to latex, use products that are latex-free. Also, look for in products for any damages, scratches, or open pores that can be affected due to germs prevailing outside.
  • At any point in time, you feel an irregularity in your genitals always feel free to get a health check-up done in a sexual health clinic.

Sex toys are always fun, and they are never harmful to use. However, following the right methods to use and maintain them is essential. Always watch out for the slightest symptom discussed above, as treating them as soon as possible is the first step toward regaining your sexual health.